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Script Asset Collector

What is CatMice ?

  • While some folks refer to Dogs when thinking about HTML files, here, Cat refers to CSS and Mice refers to Javascript file(s). CatMice - in a form of Immediately Invoked Class Expression, represents an advanced collector of front-end files for any kind of website.

  • It is an file getter, reader, collector. Rapid loader of files with javascript and css extension with external CSS resource encoding capabilities, completely independant of any third party PHP library or framework.

  • The entire little engine (with core hngts depenencies) is 500 lines of code. More or less than that, as there are some comments and a lots of white space and line breaks. Hence, for languages like PHP, how many lines of code really doesn't matter, but it's not harmful to know that as well.

  • Anyway, with CatMice PHP script, one can make miracles with frontend files.
    One can:

    • .. generate a TON of packed front-end code for mobile or zombie-type desktop applications
    • .. minimize asset sizes by packing dozen of files into a single line
    • .. boil down 20+ *(you name it how much) requests to just one
    • .. embed *b64s fonts and images directly into a cascade
    • .. retrieve just the source as is, without the comments
  • And more. All of that, on the fly.

  • All it takes is just well formed _GET value.

Using CatMice

  • Download: Source & Templates

  • CatMice has its learning curve, but You'll find it quite easy to master as two hours is maybe too much time needed. It has its own micro, semi-automated filesystem rules (the directory where css and js files are). The overall behavior is controlled with a single character and a few boolean _GET parameters.

  • Visit: Catmice Manual

  • Once when You have downloaded/saved the code, for the sake of the documentation, we will use cm for supposed catmice directory, no matter if directory may be public_html (public website root) because catmice system can work as subdomain or act like a simple response mechanism, similar to the one that works behind fonts from Google and many more. Probably.
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