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  • Funcdown encapsulators are class functions responsible for utilizing other private methods in public context.

  • So called Public Methods that one will use once when funcdown instance is being made.

  • One encapsulator may or may not utilize more than one private method.

  • In general, each encapsulator has it's own private counterpart with compatible argument structure and same name with 4 underscore characters at the end, as suffix.


          For the sake of all child pages for this portion, 
          assume that the following statements below were 
          previously declared somewhere else.


    // Main instance
    $funcdown = new \H\scope\Funcdown;

    // Underscore character constant, eg: {__FUNCTION__ ._}
    \define ('_', \str_repeat ('_', 4));

    // .. where '_' is mostly being used as in example below

    public function EncapsulatorName (string $a, int $b, float $c) {

      // ^^ -> [private] EncapsulatorName____ (string $a, int $b, float $c) { .. }

      $this-> {__FUNCTION__ . _} ($a, $b, $c);


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