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Method objectPropertyFor

  public function objectPropertyFor (mixed &$generated, bool $assign = false): void; 

Public transport for properties from unknown/uninherrited sources. Acts as an transfer holder.

  • $generated - Will generate or fill the objectPropertyFor property based on $assign argument.
  • $assign - Positive value results in trasferring $generated value to the object's objectPropertyFor property, where false value will create $generated variable and set objectPropertyFor property value to newly created variable, resetting objectPropertyFor property back to NULL immediately.
Return Value

This method returns no value.


  $funcdown-> objectPropertyFor ($_GET, true);
  // ^ $this-> objectPropertyFor = $_GET

  // And somwehere else, inside funcdown file,
  // generation of $observe variable with _GET contents.
  $this-> objectPropertyFor ($observe);

  // Pure funcdown code (with fake php tags) follows.
  pre {:>>> %
    ##=var_export ($observe, true):## 
  ^ <<<:} 
     array (
       'mkp' => 'fncd~manual~encap~objectPropertyFor',
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