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INI Configuration

  • Toggler = Boolean value

    Values for Toggler group should be either 1/true or 0/false. The flag used for the ini parser in this particular case is INI_SCANNER_TYPED, which will, according to PHP Documentation convert many other string words, such as "true", "yes", "on" and "false", "no", "off" to their respective boolean values. Be it this or that, provided value will end up as a boolean value, as in the end, there's automatic Funcdown conversion to boolean at any cost.

  • STALL PROPERTY = Mixed value

    Acceptable stall property value should be any scalar type. In most cases, strings or numbers. Keep in mind that ini string interpolation also works. Boolean is also scalar type, but it shouldn't be in STALL group. For obvious reasons, apparently.

  • At any time - before calling - Funcdown::parse(): - Toggler property can be altered via Funcdown::toggle(). - STALL property can be changed via Funcdown::set().

quotes only
  • To wrap all attribute values with double-quotes or not.

  • 1 - will wrap each and every XML/HTML attribute value within "".

    0 - will wrap attribute values denoted by char (' or "), if char is found as first one (unescaped), otherwise value will be naked.

  • If * star is found in front of value while 1/true, it will leave value naked.
    In that case, this: M(charset *utf-8)| will produce: <meta charset=utf-8>

  • Toggling to quotes_only=1 eases life a lot if you prefer quotes over apostrophes for the argument values - everywhere. This is especially neat if You are planning to generate XML files.

tags expand
  • Expands real tag names from single or double UPPERCASED characters or not.
    Refer to \H\bag\Funcdown\PrConst::N_EXPAND hashmap or insight table to see which tags are counted in.

  • 1 - will perform expansion wherever possible.

    0 - is pretty much You get what You type.

attr expand
  • To expand real attribute names from predefined single puncuation or UPPERCASED character or not.
    While tags_expand can have two letters, for attr_expand, only one letter is counted in for expansion.
    Refer to \H\bag\Funcdown\PrConst::A_EXPAND hashmap or insight table to see which attributes are counted in.

  • 1 - will perform expansion wherever possible.

    0 - is pretty much You get what You type.

enforce cdata
  • To wrap textnodes with CDATA tags or not.

  • 1 - will wrap only style and script - content - with CDATA tags (wrapped in block comments) - in html mode.
    In XML mode every textnode content will look like this: <url><![CDATA[https://website.com]]></url>.

    0 - will not utilize CDATA tags anywhere.

  • Be it 0 or 1, this toggler option has no effect on Microdown syntax.
    Other than that, toggling to enforce_cdata = 1 is neat for XML documents, as with CDATA tags, there's no need for one to use any kind of xml entity or decimal encoding for dangerous characters within textnodes.

backend notgood
  • Dry Funcdown Code, with or without, backend support

  • 1 - no backend/php code will work. Everything inside PHP tags - with PHP tags as well, will be ignored and wiped/bypassed.

    0 - As long as this option remains false, avoid_phpxml will have some meaning.

  • Toggling to backend_notgood=1 is IDEAL for forum posts and similar, where provided input values cannot be trusted, etc.

avoid phpxml
  • PHP tags and it's substitutes

  • 1 - will halt/panic if ANY (inside strings as well) real and unescaped <? ?> (with or without `php`) is found anywhere.

    0 - means both: <?php|<?=|?> and ##:|##=|:## can be mixed together.

  • backend_notgood = 0 is THE governor for this option.

source squeeze
  • *ML Representation

  • 1 - parser will try to shrink all but - user-text and preformatted (placeholders and textareas as well) code/text as much as possible.

    0 - for markup tidyness competition. :)

null expose
  • Whether or not to reset funcdown object property values as soon as possible.

  • 1 - for production environment. It won't print error backtraces (but will print error message) directly onscreen.

    0 - for development environment.

  • If true, Funcdown::expose() method will give nothing except for the 0 value which will utilize get_object_vars function and display a list, where all properties except private static ones, will have their default values after the request has been processed.

silent errors
  • Error exposal

  • If 1, on error, nothing is displayed. Errors will result in a blank screen.
    In other words, no screen messages, but still writes to log file, if `error_logging = 1`.

  • This should remain 0 for development environment

error logging
  • Logging

  • Whether to write/append to log file when error ocurs or not.
    If true, funcdown will write error/warning messages to a file.
    Name for the log file is automatically generated and it's path is inside temp_path.

  • How much spaces to start with, after properly aligning textual data to the left side, when using funcdown regular or safe string wrappers (eg: pre[code {:>>> text <<<:} ]) for source code examples and similar, by using % powerchar prefix.

  • Blacklist string for Microdown syntax.

  • If You want to prevent some of Microdown tags from being evaluated and parsed for certain case scenarios ("a"nchor or "I"nput tag, for comments section .. ?) simply fill this string with those associated in the Microdown table.

    You can set any number of tags, eg: bCK which equals to <b> <code> <kbd>, or just one. The string must be from CTYPE_ALPHA set which does not include _ (horizontal rule), - (line break) and ! (html comment).

    If string does not contain only alpha characters, it won't have any effect, entire blacklist will be silently discarded.

temp path
  • Funcdown working directory

  • Default/fallback temporal directory for when php code is inside funcdown. Once when php source code is found within external .fncd files, that request is `double-checked` than processed via internal buffer, before it is converted to string, than destroyed right after.

    When error/bad or incorrect php code is found within funcdown content, tmp file won't be deleted. Nanny method called by `destructor` will handle them.

  • If true, funcdown will automatically generate values/files for translations, for each $funcdown->parse() call, and if false, funcdown will not write/save content for translations. Some other library may.

  • Default/fallback language directory for when funcdown is used as language governor as well.

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