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General Help

  • = this very board


    Spinning wheel button.
    When shown: there are 4 sides, 4 corners and one central element, which sums to 9 in total. Like a compass. Each one of them (except central element (main content) AND the Configuration corner it self; always visible) does or doesn't have something to display, and that's for You to decide, which element to hide or to reveal. By Toggling on to any semi-transparent squared corner or sidebar with two-sided or regular arrow, You will do so instantly. Hidden or revealed it will be persisted, remembered in that state You left it (for each page individually), until You destroy localstorage data. That goes for central element (sticky-note) as well. Your note may last for years, which is rare, but quite possible.

  • Filter selection

    blur, brightness, contrast, drop-shadow, grayscale, hue-rotate, opacity, saturate, sepia, invert - are some of the effects or filters in other words that You can use to sharpen or clarify less readable or pale text on screen. These filters are remembered on a long term and applied to any page, just like in the case of theme/mode selection and memo notes. Note that those filters can be intensive, and depending on a machine You are using to view this website, performance might degrade a bit. That's why there can be only one filter applied at a time. You will notice that not all page elements will be affected by the filter applied, due to the mentioned reason.

  • Navigation

    By clicking/toggling/tapping on the button with the image alike this one, navigational links are drawn/hidden at the top of the page. Which type of navigation You can see, depends from page to page. In most cases it will display child pages of current link if there are any. Or just Root ones.

  • Xeyez

    That funny looking toon eyes You maybe noticed here and there near at the top-left or the top-right corner is a button that reveals additional or aside content. If You are on a page with no Xeyez present it means that there is no aside/additional content at all, just main section content, and just like with the Configuration, it will remember whether it is revealed or not (for each page), as it uses the same mechanism for memorizing states.

  • Yin Yang

    Yin Yang Symbol acts like a theme switcher between two basic modes. Light or Dark, Day or Night, across each and every painted element (except images) including Ace Editor areas. Themes for Ace editor areas are randomly chosen from targeted (light or dark) groups.

  • Ghost Qbit

    This is special type of color and style mixture. Ghost Qbit blends both light and dark + some system colors. Three in one. Has Qbit in its name, as it is something in between. Neither 0 nor 1. It is a Super Position. And called Ghost because of heavy transparency utilization. One may say that the design effect seems like broken, but it is exactly as it is supposed to be - by design. Just like with Yin or Yang, themes will be randomly altered, but You'll see a mix between light and dark ones. Not just random dark or random light themes. Both light and dark, combined. And if You don't like it, don't use it. Simple as that.

  • Arrow + Top

    When You see this bottom-right button, it will indicate that You can easily jump to the top of the page. It will also remove text-glowing effect and anchor spin for targeted portions if activated..

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Action Shortcuts

    Some Action shortcuts might not work as particular page it self doesn't have particular action or a feature implemented. For instance, Sitemap page does not implement Flexplate Options nor Top-Level navigation (which is logical as that page it self - is navigation), therefore trying to activate those two there will result in nothing.

    Shortcut Action
    ctrl + ` Closes any panel/window
    ctrl + shift + ` Show Flexplate Options Panel
    ctrl + shift + 1 Show this very 'Whiteboard' Window
    ctrl + shift + 2 Toggle light/dark theme/mode
    ctrl + shift + 3 Set Qbit Ghost Mode
    ctrl + shift + 4 Show/hide Top-Level Navigation Bar
    ctrl + shift + 5 Show Sitemap in 'Whiteboard' Window
  • Filter Shortcuts

    Shortcut Filter Toggle
    ctrl + 1 Blur
    ctrl + 2 Brightness
    ctrl + 3 Contrast
    ctrl + 4 Drop-Shadow
    ctrl + 5 Grayscale
    ctrl + 6 Hue-Rotate
    ctrl + 7 Opacity
    ctrl + 8 Saturate
    ctrl + 9 Sepia
    ctrl + 0 Invert

Other helpful tips

  • Url styling

    Url like this Normal `Link`
    Url like this Active `Link`
    Url like this External `Link`
    bad url Page `Missing`
    Url like this Page `Coming Soon`
    Url like this `Maintenance Mode`

    Significant Abbrevations

    *ml Meaning - ANY - Markup Language.
    *corner One/Any of 4 Anchor-holders.
    *tongue Refers to the speaking language.
    *hashmap Refers to the PHP array of any type.
    *b64s Base64 encode/decode(d) string(s).
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